Motorrad Brings In New R NineTs

Embodying The Essentials

Celebratory models always have a special pull and that is exactly the case with the new and updated BMW Motorrad R nine T variants, a sight for sore eyes and a dangerously flirtatious temptation to anyone who lives life on two wheels. 

There is always something special about BMWiron horses that strike a chord with the urban, minimalist biker. Any hardcore Malaysian rider would've caught wind of the recently launched Motorrad specials, the new and updated R nineT range. The new R NineTs have been developed to embody all of BMW's 90 years of Motorrad, by summing up its illustrious past by deliberately focusing on the main essentials of a true iron horse. Here we glean through the overview of each variant. 

Essential Class

BMW R nineT

The design of the R nineT is a pared-down, back-to essentials look to give it a perfected mix of classic and modern styling themes with of course, BMW-standard high-quality surface finishes. Powered by the boxer engine from the engine to the rear wheel is further transmitted by means of a cardan shaft drive and a six-speed gearbox. In terms of new highlights, the new BMW R nineT features a new dual speed indicator and rational-speed sensor instrument with on-board computer.

Additionally, BMW Motorrad has extended the design program of its Original BMW Motorrad Accessories to include the "Machined" range of customising parts for the new BMW R nineT. The unique design was created in collaboration with Roland Sands, well-known customizer based in California, USA. The optional "Machined Parts" available include"Machined" cylinder head covers, headlight rig, engine cover, and handle bars. 

This variant costs RM 101,900.00.

Dynamic Cruiser

BMW R nineT Pure

Minimalist and designed with only the absolute essentials, the design draws on a blend of both classic and modern stylistic elements of motorcycle construction. Featured as a standard, the fuel tank and front mudguard of the new BMW R nineT Pure are finished in Catalano Grey. It also conveys a sense of sophisticated workmanship in numerous details. For example, the circular headlamp with sheet steel casing and the BMW emblem positioned centrally on the bulb cover also echo BMW Motorrad history. The instrument cluster perfectly matches the classically reduced appearance of the new BMW R nineT Pure with a circular speedometer featuring an analogue display and integrated indicator lamps. In addition to that, the new roadster is also fitted with an LCD display that shows important information such as the time and trip distance. 

This Pure variant costs RM 82,900.00.

Vintage Racer

BMW R nineT Racer

This motorcycle conveys a sense of old-school sporty aspiration with its strikingly short, frame-mounted half-fairing on the steering head, and combines this impression with some modern technology. The front view of the BMW R nineT Racer is especially slim and squat in style, determined by the classic-looking circular headlamp. The vintage-looking sports bike also has an on-board computer featured as standard, which provides a large and clear display on a segmented screen of the most important information such as time, active gear, remaining range, trip distance, service interval and average speed and fuel consumption. The stainless-steel exhaust system with rear silencer positioned on the left-hand side also reflects the style of a classic motorcycle, commonly seen in café racers and roasters of the 1960s and 1970s. 

This café racer-inspired motorcycle costs RM 88,900.00.

** Prices do not include on-the-road expenses but are inclusive of GST.