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Upcoming Surface Hub 2 To Take On Google & Samsung

​Samsung has it’s ‘Flip’ and Google has its ‘Jamboard’ (video below in article) and if you missed it, Microsoft just recently paraded its new Surface Hub 2. In terms of providing competition to both Samsung and Google, the Surface Hub 2 already looks like the winner, even though it will only be retailed come 2019. So, what does it bring to this new-found giant conference room display market?

For obvious reasons, Microsoft are playing this one close to the chest in terms of exact specifications. Still, what we’ve learn is that it will use a 50.5-inch display screen with greater than 4K resolution. It will also come in a new portrait orientation, allowing it to rotate nicely in similar fashion to Microsoft’s Surface Book muscle wire lock.  

​While it looks impressive just on hardware alone, Microsoft is actually still working out things in terms of software, where the Hub 2 will be running on Windows 10 for now. The tech company is still ironing things out in this respect, especially how the Hub 2 is supposed to allow multiple users to log into the device via a built-in fingerprint reader to then give access to each individual to blow-up/present their own work into a single collaborative document.

 Google Jamboard:

The exact price range for this upcoming Microsoft Surface Hub 2 hasn’t been released, but we can make an estimated guess that it will fall in the similar region as with its competition like the Google Jamboard and Samsung Flip. Gogle’s Jamboard costs in the region of USD5,000 (about RM20,000 +-) and Samsung’s Flip is kicking off at a much cheaper price point, at around RM12,000 +-. With Microsoft looking to overtake Apple in the tech race currently, it’s only a calculated guess that the Hub 2 will sit either in between these two, or be significantly more expensive. We’re just hoping that the Hub 2 isn’t delayed too much like its earlier sibling, the original Surface Hub, because the Hub 2, is honestly a really impressive thing of the future.

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