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Action Hair Salon Receives Luxury Lifestyle Awards’ The Best Luxury Beauty Salon In Singapore.

Hair is one of the most flexible way of self-expression and personality emphasis. If a person wants to express his or her uniqueness through hairstyling, he or she needs a flexible and creative approach, which will take into account the individual with all his or her ever-changing needs and expectations. Seeing the person’s identity, understanding his or her desires, and transforming them into a unique adaptive hairstyle design is the vision of a true master stylist. Action Hair Salon, this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Beauty Salons in Singapore, is famous for its masterful addressing of the client’s personality when creating a hairstyle.

The award-wining Action Hair Salon was established by Executive Director Sonnie Tan and Master Stylist & Managing Director Vinn Wong in 1998. The key to the future success of the salon was an extremely effective combination of characters of its leaders. Sonnie’s strategic and pragmatic mind of a businessman was responsible for exploring the specific niche of their enterprise, while idealistic Vinn was pleasing clients with his stylist skills and creative talent.  

The first location of the salon was Far East Plaza, one of Singapore’s older shopping complexes. The small team of two founders expanded to six in only two months, and already in 2001, Action Hair Salon moved into a larger space in the prestigious Paragon Shopping Centre. Putting customers’ needs above all, Action incorporated an innovative and the first of its kind Action Hair Spa in 2004. In 2005 the salon relocated to the Level 5 of Paragon Shopping Centre and launched the Piper-Heidsieck champagne bar. 

So far, Action Hair Salon proudly enjoys the status as one of the industry leaders within the country with multiple competencies, awards, and diplomas in service excellence. The desire for constant growth and service quality improvement pushes the staff at the salon beyond boundaries, demonstrating the best of their skills and abilities in providing for your hair with the best treatment in any challenging conditions and circumstances.

Every customer at Action Hair Salon is a VIP who is familiar with the luxury experience, choosing only the best of options. The aristocratic ambience of this place and premium care provided by the salon staff was particularly appreciated by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts. The 4,000 square feet of the hair salon space is elegantly decorated by marble and designer mirrors, providing it with the most exclusive atmosphere and noble interior within the city.

Action, is an internationally renowned salon with a team of talented and skilled stylists led by Master Stylist Vinn Wong. The salon offers a wide range of top-quality hairdressing experiences, to affluent clients from all over the world. It has a rich following of local and international socialites and high profile clients.

It’s reputation for high quality treatments & services using the latest equipment and The Best Luxury Products such as BALMAIN Paris, MY ORGANICS Italy, DEFINITE Italy for scalp and hair issues and problems, leaves every client leaving the salon felling fresh and confident.

“It is a great pleasure and honour for us to be recognised as the winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. This achievement is another proof that our efforts & focus to provide the highest quality services in the hairdressing industry have been meaningfully successful. It is a great motivation for us to further develop and find new ways to add beauty to our customers’ lives,” said Sonnie Tan & Vinn Wong.

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