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Say Goodbye To Mundane Office Practice With The Samsung Flip

You know that annoying feeling you get, when you send your colleague an email and you can see them from across the room, opening it and not replying it? Or those mundane meetings where everybody’s scribbling on some notepad aimlessly to no real effectiveness? Well, Samsung has created a little something that will surely raise the boardroom morale instantly. It’s called the Samsung Flip.

The Samsung Flip display basically allows you to do real-time tasks, such as share, widen and build ideas across devices, while maintaining the familiar feel of traditional writing. It sits on a portable, wheel-based stand that makes it versatile for almost any location. Yup, meetings can even be in the pantry now over some pizza. The video below demonstrates the Samsung Flip’s functions quite clearly, so check it out.

Each Flip display is customisable and can configure to portrait or landscape orientations to suit unique meeting needs. When coupled with its height-adjustable stand, the Flip maximizes available writing space at users’ preferred positions. Should a meeting require more a centralised and roundtable-style discussion, users can opt to remove and connect the Flip display to a compatible wall mount.

The best part about the Flip is that at the end of a meeting, it securely stores all content within a central database, eliminating the need for cumbersome recaps or handwritten transcription. An airtight, password-based protection system safeguards meeting details and ensures that only approved users can access the information. Once logged in, meeting facilitators and participants can download and share featured content through email or traditional printing. Users additionally can save meeting notes into a USB drive or other external sources. 

Yoonsoo Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics believes that many companies in Malaysia are embracing open-plan office environments and Samsung Flip can take digital collaborations to a new level with its superior mobility and usability features.

 How much is this office-changing gismo going for. The “recommended retail price” starts of RM12,999 therebouts, according to Samsung Malaysia. It’s not a hefty sum when you consider how much time and energy the Flip can save, not to mention, the dip in unanswered emails as well. 

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