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Rimowa and Off-White: “Please Show Us Your Dirty Linen”

When you think about how we sometimes don’t want to know about the dirty linen others are lugging around, it makes this new, transparent luggage bag from Rimowa look like a real controversial thing. The luggage bag is the product of a collaboration between the luxury German brand and Milan-based designer, Virgil Abloh of Off-White, a giant of the trendy Italian streetware scene and lux fashion in general. 

Made of clear polycarbonate, this transparent version of Rimowa’s famous Cabin Multiwheel carry-on luggage bag is the latest example of Rimowa’s outlandish approach to its product and brand under the stewardship of LVMH, which owns an 80 per cent stake in the luggage apparel giant. Officially known as the ‘Rimowa x Off-White Cabin Multiwheel’ it is yet another item being launched in the spirit of the German brand’s 120th anniversary.

With the new-found transparency, also come some changes to the Cabin Multiwheel such as new, lighter materials which all express a very understated look, which in turn, fits the profile of most of Rimowa’s sophisticated customer profile. Still, this move is a bold one, and we’d like to think that this Off-White version is purely meant to flaunt all that dirty linen from one place to the next. Think about it. How many people do you know actually do that sort of thing in public?

This hip new luggage bag will nonetheless be paraded at the coming Off-White men fashion show in Paris this 20th of June, and there’s some talk about certain”friends of the brands” getting their own customised versions of this transparent wonder. 

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