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The Silver Lining 

Here’s some good news for the lover’s of Leica Q: there’s a new silver colour option for the full-frame compact camera with fast prime lens, making the Leica Q even more stylish to the senses.

​The Leica Q silver is superbly with black and silver tones making it look more classical and classy. The top plate and the baseplate have been silver anodised and the rear shell has the refined look of classic black paint. The classical high grip pattern is maintained in black leather trim, whereas, the control elements on the top plate are now in this sleek silver. 

The Leica Q silver shares the same technical specifications to the normal production model. Equipped with the particularly fast Leica Summilux 1: 1.7/28 mm ASPH. lens, this camera is definitely perfect for photography in low light, for street photography, architecture and landscapes. With the impressive lens, one no longer needs photo editing software to create beautiful compositions with their photography..

It also features an integrated viewfinder with a resolution of 3.68 MP to permit reliable control of subject composition. Even the finest details of every exposure are displayed without any perceptible lag. All functions of the camera are clearly laid out and are logically placed to ensure terrific ergonomics. Its user-friendly camera menu provides an easy access to all essential settings and is  capable of allowing the owner to personalise further camera settings with relative ease. 

As the previous model,  the Leica Q Silver is also said to to deliver mesmerising videos in full-HD quality. Depending on the scene and subject, users can choose between 30 and 60 full frames per second for video recording in MP4 format. One can even share pictures videos instantly online because of its integrated Wi-Fi module for wireless transmission. This new version of the fascinating and convenient Leica Q will be available from the end of November 2017 costing in the region of RM20,000. 

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