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Singaporean Culinary Adventure With Benjamin Yong

He’s known for following his senses in search of new discoveries and inspirations using the freshest food ingredients and to no surprise, The Chief Eating Officer of The BIG Group, Benjamin Yong recently followed the signals from his taste monitor down to Singapore in conjunction with a new destination launch, ‘Passion Made Possible’. In Merlion City, Big Ben had the chance to savour a culinary adventure to unravel what the city has to offer to travelers around the world.                                        

As part of a four-part episode, the serial entrepreneur explores his taste-filled expedition with Violet Oon of Violet Oon Singapore, herself hailed as Singapore’s resident food ambassador. In the first episode, she introduces her local favourites and prepares a feast enjoyed with other local foodie personalities. 

 EPISODE 1 – FOOD WITH FRIENDS: Benjamin Yong visits opera singer, turned journalist and now superstar chef Violet Oon whom he shares the same passion for food, at her restaurant Violet Oon Satay Bar and Grill to speak about the vibrant food scene in Singapore. A conversation with her helps him discover what sets Singapore apart from the rest of Asia as a gourmet destination. Violet takes Benjamin to visit the local wet market where she buys her fresh ingredients for cooking and together they shop for local ingredients to cook a dish together. The episode also explores Benjamin and Violet’s visit to the supermarket which inspired Benjamin to start his chain of BIG supermarkets back home in Malaysia.

EPISODE 2 – LOVE AT FIRST BITE: Benjamin Yong, explores his local favourite haunts in Singapore which he frequents to find out how they’ve evolved and maintained consistency throughout the year. Find out which Hainanese chicken rice which he frequents in Singapore since he was introduced to 5 years ago and where he butcher shops for a great assortment of meats. He also embarks on a quest to find the perfect fishball which he deems as something so satisfying and simple made so well.

 EPISODE 3 – TASTING NEW EXPERIENCES: In this episode, Benjamin’s palate is exposed to a new array of food flavours through a meeting with Chef Willin of Wild Rocket. Ben’s first experience of Mod-Sin cuisine left Ben convinced of Chef Willin’s ability to tweak the boundaries of modern cooking, while being inspired by local Singaporean flavours. He also visited Irvins Salted Egg, a franchise that introduces the highly addictive Salted Egg Fish Skins which he was introduced to by a friend during one of his travels. This episode explores how a meeting with owner and Head Chef of Burnt Ends, Dave Pynt, shows Benjamin how the primitive art of cooking with fire can bring out the best of flavours.

EPISODE 4 – FEAST WITH FRIENDS: Benjamin and Violet host several friends which include Food Host of Asian Food Channel and Food Blogger Sarah Benjamin, Ryan Huber and Chef Willin Low who shares the same passions for food as them. With ingredients bought from the market visits, and in-depth discussions with Violet, they co-create a dish called “Haebe Pasta” which celebrates both their cooking styles (Ben who prefers the western style of cooking, while Violet who is fond of Peranakan cooking). Over a meal each of these foodies shared about what they love about the diversity of Singapore’s ever-evolving culinary scene.Enter your text here …

Benjamin Yong’s foodie discoveries in Singapore is detailed in this four-part series titled ‘Where Foodies Meet’, which is available on Malaysia’s VisitSingapore Facebook Page.

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