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In the realm of grand spirits, one name stands as an emblem of timeless craftsmanship and unparalleled character – Glenfiddich. With over a century of expertise, Glenfiddich has mastered the art of distillation, turning it into a symphony of flavours that graces the palate. Glenfiddich invites all to embark on a sensory journey through its recent trio of exquisite single malt scotch whiskies that epitomises the brand’s legacy of excellence, attached with a ‘Where Next’ narrative that inspires individuals to take-off on a journey to meaningful self-development. 

We’ll talk more about the ‘Where Next’ Club in just a bit. But first, let’s dive right into the world of Glenfiddich, where craftsmanship meets character in every sip. 

Glenfiddich 12 Year Old 

The journey begins with the Glenfiddich 12 Year Old, a tribute to the brand’s heritage and unwavering commitment to quality. This exceptional whisky, recognized as the world’s most awarded single malt scotch, offers a unique freshness derived from the same highland spring water used since 1887. It’s a sip of history, a moment that bridges the past with the present. Its delicate notes stand as a classic that continues to captivate connoisseurs worldwide. 

Glenfiddich 15 Year Old

Next on this voyage is the Glenfiddich 15 Year Old, a whisky that’s as smooth as silk and as complex as a fine piece of art. With rich flavours of sherry oak, marzipan, cinnamon, and ginger, it’s a sensory explosion that tantalises the taste buds. What sets this dram apart is the technique pioneered by the distillery’s Malt Master, resulting in warm, spicy notes that linger long after the glass is empty. It’s a true masterpiece that reflects Glenfiddich’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Glenfiddich 18 Year Old 

The grand finale is the 18 year single malt bottle, a whisky that exemplifies excellence in every sip. Crafted in small batches of no more than 150 casks, it prides on its extraordinary character and consistency. Courtesy of an intense marrying period and a distinguished warming finish, each drop invites all to savour life’s finer moments. It’s the whisky equivalent of a symphony’s grand crescendo, leaving a lasting impression that words can hardly capture.

The Where Next Club 

So now, let’s talk about the Where Next Club and the essence behind this ‘hustle’ narrative of sorts. With a belief that everyone has the capacity for greatness within them, Glenfiddich is inviting individuals to discover their unique quality as they find their way to success. 

The Where Next Club celebrates 2 Malaysian Mavericks, each representing a different portrait of the free spirit, showcasing their unique quality that has set them apart from the convention into the realms of success by their own definition. 

In a world of possibilities, knowing the essence of what makes us special and fueling our passions is the key to unlocking our full potential. Glenfiddich is proud to be working alongside our Malaysian Mavericks who exemplify and share our values. We believe everyone possesses this Maverick spirit – one that inspires to always look at ways to improve, aiming for the next stage in their personal and professional growth. We hope these stories of our local Mavericks help to inspire fellow Malaysians to pursue their passions,said Arturo Lozano, Marketing Manager of William Grant & Sons in the SEA region. 


The first of the two Mavericks is Moto Guo, a co-creative director of the motoguo label, embracing creativity and courage to create a genre of fashion of his own. Whimsical, surreal, loud. Moto Guo boldly experiments with bright colours, quirky textures and shapes in his designs, pushing maximalist and gender-fluidity into the mainstream. 

This philosophy has earned him a nomination for the prestigious LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers in 2016, a first SEA label to be nominated for such an accolade. The label plans to continue pushing the boundaries and maintaining their position as a maverick in the industry, unafraid to be different and eccentric, with a can-do attitude that never compromises on its intrepid artistic vision and values. 


Shin Tseng, co-founder of REXKL & Creative Director of Urban Agenda Design, has played a vital role in revitalising the urbanscape of KL’s renowned Petaling Street. Filled with passion & strong appreciation for old structures, his passion for preserving old structures and blending them with urban development has breathed new life into the area. To break the cycle of unsustainable developments, he advocates for purpose-driven and democratic development strategies that go beyond finance-based models, adapting to rapid societal changes. 

So then this begs the question, how does this all tie in with Glenfiddich’s whiskies? 

I’ll have to admit that I struggled to see a seamless or rather strong connection between the two. The narrative emphasises uniqueness, pushing boundaries, and challenging conventions, which can be loosely associated with the innovative and distinct qualities of the whiskies. However, it might require a bit of a stretch to fully align these two aspects.

The Glenfiddich whiskies are undoubtedly unique in their own right, with each offering distinct flavours and ageing processes. Still, connecting them directly to the Maverick spirit narrative felt somewhat tenuous, especially when considering the narrative’s focus on individuals and their career journeys.

But as I am writing this and reflecting on whether the shoes fit, it dawned on me that Glenfiddich themselves have in a way embraced their own Maverick spirit by taking a bold step in this direction. While the connection between the two may require a bit of vague interpretation, the brand’s commitment to celebrating uniqueness, innovation and pushing boundaries aligns with their own journey as pioneers in the world of single malt scotch whisky. 

In the end, Glenfiddich’s dedication to staying true to the Maverick narrative is commendable after all. Just as they’ve celebrated the bold spirit of Moto Guo & Shin Tseng, they too have demonstrated their own spirit of pushing the limits and embracing the unknown. 

So, whether it’s in raising a glass of Glenfiddich or celebrating the Mavericks who dare to redefine their industries, here’s to embracing the unique qualities that make us all Mavericks in our own right.

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