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Where Games Get A Little Spirited

Whenever I think of Genting Highlands these days, it is either the majestic view of the highlands against the breathtaking mountain landscape or their world-class casino that first comes to my mind. A lasting legacy of a true Malaysian icon, the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, it is the biggest monument to represent his unrivaled passion to put Malaysia on the global stage. While he rests in peace now, those who have and continue to visit Genting can give testimony to its international, highland resort standard. Hotels, casinos, theme parks and the like have been the go-to anthems when anyone mentions Genting Highlands and in recent times, there’s a new pulling factor up in Malaysia’s favourite highlands- SkyAvenue and more specifically, the recently opened ‘RedTail Bar’ by Zouk (Yup, the same setup from Singapore).

That’s right! If six casinos and a string of top-class restaurants don’t entertain you to your hearts content, there’s this new, fun-filled bar to continue the endless night-life up in Genting Highlands. Opened at Sky Avenue last December, it is the perfect setting be it for a pre-drinking session before hitting the casinos or for a night cap with your family and/or friends. I got invited over to preview the RedTail Bar last weekend and this is why I believe it is a place that can certainly cater for a great few nights out.

The name ‘RedTail’ as I learnt from one of the Game Masters at the Bar, is named after the bar’s mascot, the Xiao Hong Panda (‘Little Red’ panda) and it sets the tone for a casual, laid black atmostphere to unwind in, not to mention, to blow-off steam in. It is in essence, a game bar and hence, apart from the nice cocktails, there’s a variety of games to indulge and freak-out in- Giant Pong, Beer Pong, Xbox E-Games, Shots and Ladders, Battle Shots, and it even has the typical bar pool table. Be warned though, one can get quite lost in between all the games and drinks, so it’s best to pace yourself before going all-out. You don’t want to end up blind-sided like yours truly who got a little too tipsy in the midst of all the fun games and drink-chasing.

It’s no issue if you do get a little “too happy” after all these games, because the RedTail offers some decent, light meals and snacks too (think pizza and chicken wings). They’re not much but they certainly pair well with many of their unique house pours. I’d strongly recommend you to try the Zouk-inspired Sour Plum Shot, the same bestseller from Zouk, Singapore and part of the Zouk DNA. It’s a strong shot, but one that goes superbly with the ambience and feel of the lively Bar. 

Zouk-inspired Sour Plum Shot

I must state it here though, this is not one of those refined bars or clubs. This is a place to kick it back, let loose and have some fun. The friendly Game Masters are more than helpful to help your party out and what’s more, it’s just a unique experience heading all the way up to Genting Highland and having a different version of a good time. That’s why I still think that to you cant experience it in this article; you need to grab a few fun people and head up to the RedTail Bar one weekend and give it a go. It’s at least worth one, memorable visit and you’ll definitely have a good time.

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