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Epitome of Laid-Back Luxury

Champagne and fashion are two sides of the same luxury lifestyle, which is probably why both Krug and Berluti have come up with this unique ‘Wild Journey’ collaboration with each being a huge brand in their own craft, besides the fact that the two brands are part of LVMH. This collaboration has gifted, in essence, a luxury champagne backpack and here, we take a look at this unique offering.

Stepping into their third year collaboration, the Venezia leather-made backpack is the third wine carrier bag in the “Berluti pour Krug” collection; previous editions were “Short Journey” and “Long Journey“. The previous two exclusive, limited-edition bags adopted Berluti’s emblematic Un Jour briefcase design and finished with the deep glow of Krug dark cherry patina. Both wine carriers were designed into a dual-purpose bag which can carry either bottles of Krug and Joseph glasses, or transform into a travel bag to carry Berluti shoes. This is something that might come in handy for a picnic, just with a touch of extra class.

Still, the Wild Journey champagne backpack is definitely for those who prefer a laid back lifestyle. Only catch is, instead of seeing the stopper of your champagne bottle tucked outside like in a picnic basket, with the Wild Journey bagpack, it not only preserves the quality of the champagne due to the special condition inside the backpack but it also has a strong ability to communicate your chic and elegant lifestyle. We also cant help but echo the sentiment that this bagpack is for independent people with unique personalities and strong self-confidence.

​In addition, the backpack has a thermal lining with a leather tab also bearing  the “Berluti pour Krug” insignia. A removable insulated foam insert featuring the “K” pattern, indicating Krug, was specially conceived to protect its precious cargo and keep it within decent temperatures, regardless where you might be. Also, Krug somewhat gives a complementary chrome stopper with each purchased bagpack not to mention, a bottle of Krug Rosé and two newly created Krug Rosé glasses. All these wont have to be lugged around in typical bagpack fashion of course, rather with the soft comforts of pure, smooth black leather straps clutching onto one’s shoulders.

This stylish piece of craftsmanship is currently selling at € 4,900 (RM 24,465 approximately). The Wild Journey Backpack is also available for special order upon request in Berluti boutiques worldwide or for immediate purchase in Paris, London, Milan, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. We think it’s time to ditch your typical cooler bag and bring Wild Journey along for your next picnic session.

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