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Wagyu Showcase With Guest Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki At The Library

The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur recently held an exclusive preview at The Library, an occasion to celebrate the delicious joy of savouring and sampling some exquisite wagyu. Not just any kind of high-end wagyu though. Top-of-the-line Japanese beef wagyu, curated and prepared by a famous Japanese Chef- Hirohashi Nobuaki, who helms Ushidoki, the renowned fine-dining wagyu kaiseki restaurant in Singapore.

Famous Japanese Chef, Hirohashi, who helms Ushidoki, the renowned fine-dining wagyu kaiseki restaurant in Singapore.

A native of Osaka, Chef Hiro began his culinary journey at the tender age of nine at his father’s sushi restaurant. His penchant for Japanese cuisine saw him spend countless hours experimenting recipes and crafting new dishes discovered from his father’s cookbook. He has gained valuable experience at well-known kaiseki restaurants in Japan, before opening his very own acclaimed restaurant in Osaka – Unshin, which he operated for seven years.

With more than three decades of experience, Chef Hiro also specialises in the art of preparing the perfect kaiseki experience. His love for wagyu beef has led him to curate delicate wagyu kaiseki cuisine that requires a set of distinctive skills and techniques to balance the flavours, textures and colours of his exquisite creations.

Top-of-the-line Miyazaki wagyu was served at the luncheon affair.

While the preview was initially for just us media, it kickstarted a five-day promotion where, Chef Hiro,brought refined and authentic Japanese specialities to the table through a degustation menu which began with kanpai – the customary toast, followed by roast wagyu beef garnished with asparagus, miso vinaigrette and Yuzu herbs, grilled wagyu beef served with soya sauce soil, edamame, sweet corn and mountain wasabi and braised wagyu beef complemented with sweet sauce sukiyaki, half-boiled egg, black truffles, mitsuba and steamed white rice. Dessert was a luscious olive oil ice cream with summer truffles.

Held from 26th to 30th June, the four-course dinner was priced at RM350 nett per person, with an option of sake pairing at RM500 nett per person. We’ve been told to expect similar experiences from The RItz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur in the near future, so if you’re interested in sampling some really good beef, why not check out the famous hotel in the heart of Malaysia’s capital? It might just make your day.

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