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Hennessy & Ginger Cocktail Pairing Ideas To Unwind

Meet this interesting pairing of Hennessy’s Very Special cognac and ginger. Hennessy’s very own Tasting Committee call it, “one of the best possible organoleptic matches”. Big word yes, but it basically translates to a pairing that invokes all of the humane senses.

In other words, ginger and Hennessy Very Special were meant to be. Just a hint of fragrant ginger is an ideal catalyst for Very Special because the sweet spice quite naturally offsets the cognac’s roundness and suppleness of aromas, highlighting its bold character. To celebrate a match made in Cognac, Hennessy Very Special mixologists have composed a new cocktail repertoire. Recipes span four categories, from novice and party-friendly sharing recipes to trend-forward and expert-level cocktail creations.

A selection of recipes from the Hennessy Very Special x Ginger collection includes basics such as the elegant Hennessy Ginger Mule signature cocktail, the sweet and crisp Hennessy Ginger Ale and Lime or Ginger Beer and Lime.

The sophisticated Hennessy Ginger Mint Punch is a trend-driven party favorite, while expert picks include the bubbly Homemade Ginger Lemonade, the honey- and orange-tinged Hennessy Ginger Old Fashioned or the Hennessy Ginger Manhattan, made with vermouth and Angostura bitters. What do you think? Do any of these recipes warrant a place at your Friday night shindigs? Our pick, has to be the Hennessy Ginger Manhattan. 

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