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Dom Pérignon’s Luncheon and Vintage Pours With Nicholas Lane

It was a sunny afternoon and if I recall it well, I was rushing to St Regis Kuala Lumpur from my office at Damansara Perdana. You know how it goes in the media industry; you’re in the thick of working and without realising it, time just passes by in a blink of an eye as you’re trying to meet the deadlines. So, I was kind of hoping that something good was awaiting me inside the small private dining room in St.Regis Kuala Lumpur. 

Upon the warm welcomes through the main doors, I saw the two long tables decorated with elaborate and mesmerising flower arrangements with the subtlest lightning ambiance. And yes, the cosy setup was a soother to my day’s hectic rush and it immediately took the work dizziness away from my mind. With that calmness settling in, I began scanning across the room to seek out Dom Pérignon’s Vintage 2009 and P2 2000.

Before our meals were served, Nicholas Lane, a respected oenologist of Dom Pérignon greeted and shared with us that, “The P2 2000 is essentially more Dom Pérignon – where the wine has matured further, exuding an incredible freshness. The vintage 2009 is mysterious, its mouth feel is the most surprising, and the fleshy depth of flavor and impressive aromatic persistence are unique. When it is finally time for our guests to discover a new vintage, the experience we create guides them through an evocative journey. We hope to have managed to arouse emotions that will turn into fond memories.”

​Upon the first sip of the Vintage 2009, I instantly caught the rather bold and enlightening taste of it. As the event progressed, I began to pick out more of the bitterness and dryness of the Vintage 2009 but these were complemented with the creamy and heavy flavoured dishes like our Sea Urchin Royale with Fennel Cream and Black Caviar, as well as Atlantic Scallops with Lemongrass and Carrot Curry broth. Whereas on the nose, I sensed some spiciness, fruitiness with some woody vanilla in the background, all of which can tempt you to explore more with its mysterious character.

In contrast, the P2 2000 was a little bit wild on the palette, exactly the kind of drink you’d need to zap some life into proceedings. First presented in 2008, this P2 2000 reveals a combination of freshness and ripeness, of effervescence and harmony. It also has a deep and complex taste as well; vibrant, rich, creamy mouthfeel and aromas of brioche mingling with orange peel and dry fruits on the palate. The grapevines have a longer maturity period compared to the Vintage 2009 and therefore it gives off a peaky note, which to me is simply classy and mature.  

In totality though, this dining experience was great. White wine has always been my personal favourite in comparison to red wine. To me, it is less mundane, refreshing and I enjoy the visual aesthetics of rippling and sparklin bubbles because it is like being whisked away into a bubble of peace, before greality comes crashing back onto you. Speaking of which, I still have a long list of work tasks to be completed. Till next time. Cheers to Dom Pérignon for the good one!

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