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Bold Flare Vintage Notes

​It was a beautiful and cozy Friday afternoon two weeks ago when I was invited to a tasting session of Dom Pérignon’s new Vintage 2009 and P2 2000. The sit-down affair was also accompanied by a French indulgence exclusively curated by Chef Darren Chin at Sofitel Bukit Damansara. As the courses were being served accordingly to complement the champagne, it seemed as if my soul was being whisked away to pure bliss on that Friday itself. 

​We were first served with the new Vintage 2009. At first sip, a strong scent of ripened fruits greeted my taste buds with a swirl of grape-scent in the background. Served in a chilled wine glass, the sparkling golden liquor certainly was refreshing and also exotic as it is accompanied by multi-layered fresh ripened fruits down the throat. The tasting notes are bold, prodigious and generally portrays a very bright personality. This drink is definitely suitable for those who are always looking beyond the horizon for the finer things.

Even Pierre-Louis Araud, Brand Ambassador of Dom Pérignon echoed the uniqueness and exotic nature of the Vintage 2009: “The vintage 2009 is exotic, its mouth feel is the most surprising, and the fleshy depth of flavor and impressive aromatic persistence are unique. We needed the experience of every past vintage to find the courage to produce 2009, to dare to create a maturity that sets a new standard.”

Main Course. French Quail (Label rouge)
Braised chayote: tamarind: jus de viande

​As we moved towards the main course of the day, we were entertained by a surprise LED violin performance prior to tasting the P2 2000. The P2 2000 is the Second Plénitude of Dom Pérignon’s 2000 Vintage, first presented in 2008. It reveals a combination of freshness and ripeness as well and projects a more complex expression. In other words, it is a mature texture that lingers long on the taste buds.

I personally like the P2 2000 more as its texture is smooth and full-bodied. It is also quite the vibrant pour, with rich aromas of brioche mingling with orange peel and dry fruits. To quote Mr. Araud, “the P2 2000 is essentially more Dom Pérignon, where the wine has matured further, entering into a stage where there is a lot of ion intensity, and minerality. With time, the flavours change and still exudes an incredible freshness.” All in all, i was quite a savoury experience getting to know more of Dom Pérignon and its matured flair for being bold in a very vintage way.

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