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Hennessy Collaborates With Guang-Yu Zhang In Ushering In The Year Of The Boar.

Hennessy welcomes the year of the boar by collaborating with 31 year-old Shanghai based artist, Guang-Yu Zhang, seizing the opportunity to present his artwork which symbolises the natural and beautiful cycle of life – a dream of past and present, heaven and earth.

Guang-Yu Zhang is one of the most notable emerging artist featured in Saatchi “One To Watch” list. With colourful paintings, mixed media works and digital collages that take inspiration from his homeland of China and Europe, he blends the two cultures into beautiful collections.

The circles represent fulfilment and perfection. The two concentric circles are meant to set the scene, an artistic presentation of Hennessy’s double distillation.

Drawing from the codes of Hennessy, the possibility of a better life is portrayed by the ship navigating across the lake; laden with a special gift – the Hennessy Cognac. The ship embodies Hennessy’s legacy, an adventure and pioneering spirit where its craftsmanship has been passed down through eight generations for more than 250 years. En route to the heart of the Chinese, the ship arrives at the most auspicious time of the year. The ancient Chinese sees the world as a flat earth under a dome-shaped sky. The auspicious creatures – the boar, the crane and the goldfish move together harmoniously, as Hennessy delivers the essence of the natural world to the people.  

The boar represents a measure of courage – a symbolic invitation of a great and auspicious energy in 2019 while it proudly leads us on this journey on the handcrafted Hennessy oak barrels that signifies conduit for a brighter future.

Floating amongst the vines and oak barrels is the crane that symbolizes luck, loyalty and longevity while the goldfish is an emblem of grace in movement and growing wealth in the New Year. The pot still in the shape of a Chinese lantern demonstrates the quest for perfection and the Ling Shi stone embodies willpower and courage. The emblematic lantern is a beacon of the Chinese New Year as the light guides those who celebrate the occasion to reunite with their family at home. The grape vine is a sign to flourish in the prosperous New Year. With the savoir-faire of Hennessy, a perfect harmony is achieved just like The Clouds, The Sky and The Lake that embody inner peace and tranquillity. 

For this auspicious occasion, personalise and engrave your name or a message when you purchase a Hennessy X.O or V.S.O.P. Those who purchase a bottle of the V.S.O.P can participate in the Hennessy Prosperity Bottle Game to win Hennessy merchandise. It will be held at the Hennessy Pop-up store at level 3 in Pavilion KL until January 20. 

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