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Reiteration Of The Successful Plug In Hybrid Sports Car Of The Future

Powertrain – Optimised BMW eDrive Technology

Starting with the batteries, the New BMW i8 Coupé batteries has an increased cell capacity of 33 Ah from the previous 20 Ah. These batteries are centrally located in the car’s underbody to provide a low centre of gravity.

The electric motor output has increased by 9 kW to 105 kW with a range extension to 55 kilometres – broadening the reach of all-electric mobility well beyond the city limits. 

The turbocharged three-cylinder combustion engine featuring direct injection and VALVETRONIC variable valve timing extracts a maximum output of 170 kW or 231 hp from its displacement of just 1.5 litres plus peak torque of 320 Nm.

The combined system output of the New BMW i8 Coupé produced by both the electric motor and engine acting in unison has also increased to 275 kW or 374 hp – and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds

The number of driving situations where the electric motor is solely responsible for powering the car has been significantly increased. By contrast, the combustion engine is only brought into play when accelerating hard and is switched off again far more frequently with a measured driving style.

The intelligent energy management impresses with its proactive function in optimising efficiency. When the navigation system’s route guidance function is activated, the energy management ensures the electric motor is employed as extensively and as wisely as possible from an efficiency point of view. The system analyses the route in full and prompts the powertrain management to run on purely electric power, particularly over low-speed sections of the journey.

Exterior Design and Specifications

Overall exterior design cues remains relatively consistent to the original design DNA of the BMW i8.. The New Generation of a Vision however features a brand new LifeDrive vehicle architecture – which will represent all BMW i models to come.

The LifeDrive vehicle architecture offers a horizontally split structure comprising an aluminium chassis and suspension plus all drive components at the bottom, and a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) passenger cell at the top to offer an exceptional degree of design freedom. This engineering ingenuity enables the optimal positioning of the necessary drive components to ensure the best possible handling in addition to ensuring a noticeable weight advantage. 

A string of prestigious accolades, including the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Award, testify to the quality and allure of the brand-new LifeDrive architecture for BMW i models.

The New BMW i8 Coupé has been originally designed to optimise aerodynamics. Air is channelled extremely effectively as it hits the car, due to the combined effects of the low bonnet, air flap control system, Air Curtains in the front apron, sealed underbody, contoured side skirts, “Stream Flow” lines of the car’s flanks, and air ducts between the rear lights and roof frame. 

The flow of cooling air at the front has not been rerouted in the New BMW i8 Coupé, and instead of air rushing out through the outlet of the bonnet, the air escapes at the sides of the car near the wheel arches and into the underbody.

The New BMW i8 Coupé is fitted with the 20-inch BMW i light-alloy wheels in radial-spoke style and 516 jet black paint. 


The interior of the New BMW i8 Coupé continues the progressive design of the exterior with a classic BMW i8 drive orientation in line with the sporty, dynamic concept. The upper centre console to the instrument panel curves toward the driver in a very acute 12-degree angle. All controls and display elements are within perfect reach of the driver and easy to read.

The cockpit is fitted out with the BMW Head-up Display that changes to a sports display that includes revs, gears and shift lights when performing manual gear changes in SPORT mode. The Navigation System Professional features the most up-to-date user interface, including a modern tile display with live mode. It is controlled using the iDrive operating system, comprising both a Touch Controller on the centre console and an 8.8-inch freestanding Control Display screen.  

Adding a futuristic touch to the interior are the open-pored CFRP Carbon trim on the centre console, door handle and dashboard inlay, the ceramic controls with an embossed i8 logo on the iDrive Controller, and the ceramic finish on the gear selection lever.

The BMW Connected links the New BMW i8 Coupé with its owner’s digital life, aided by the Remote App – which allows them to check and control their vehicles, and to stay extra-efficient even when they are on the go. BMW Connected offers a range of conveniences, including showing the current charge status, the range and departure time to ensure the vehicle is charged for the next trip, helping the driver search for charging stations and have the location sent directly to the vehicle for them, as well as access to the efficiency rating of the last trip, tutorials for particularly efficient driving and the CO2 calculator. Remote functions such as Remote Door Lock & Unlock, Remote Light Flash and Remote Horn Blow can also be activated. 

Dynamic Financial Programme

With the Balloon Financing Plan from BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia, the New BMW i8 Coupé can be owned with monthly instalment plans starting from RM 15,088.00 (based on estimates of an 80% loan on a five-year tenure).

Complete Premium Ownership Experience

Customers of the New BMW i8 Coupé can also experience the complete BMW Group Malaysia Premium Ownership experience which includes:

  • BMW 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty with Free Scheduled Service Program.
  • BMW 2-Year/ 24 Month Tyre Warranty Program for its Run Flat Tyre offering and services.
  • BMW Roadside Assistance and Accident Hotline.
  • The BMW Group Loyalty+ Mobile App – BMW White Card.
  • BMW Service Online.
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