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Following the recent unveiling of the Urus Performante at the Monterey Car Week in August, the Italian auto manufacturer announces the launch of the Urus S. Acclaimed to be the successor of the base Urus model, the Urus S rivals the performance of the all-powerful Performante, embellished with refined features in the pursuit of cementing the Urus lineup as the benchmark for luxurious SUVs.

Under the hood, the Urus S harbours a 4.0-litre V8 twin-turbo engine that delivers the same power output as the performance-oriented Performante at 666 CV, generating 657 hp and 850 Nm of torque to propel it forward from 0 – 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, topping out at 305 km/h. This is just short of the Performante by a mere 0.2 seconds and 1 kmh at the top.

But the stats does not come as a surprise as the Urus Performante did shave 47kg off its weight as compared to the outgoing Urus. Furthermore, the Urus S did not integrate the Performante’s lowered steel suspension, but instead retained the adaptive air suspension of the regular Lamborghini Urus.

However, the Urus S does adopt the same powertrain calibration as the Performante, delivering optimum responsiveness and performance that promises a luxurious everyday driving experience thanks to its finely-tuned chassis settings. With six different drive modes plus an EGO mode, this luxurious SUV is arguably a formidable versatile machine befit for all driving personalities over any road in any condition.

In terms of styling, the Urus S also gains most of the Performante’s design tweaks and enhancements that advocate for its sporty yet luxurious lifestyle persona. As standard, the new front bumper design carves out more refined lines and incorporates a new matte black-painted stainless steel skid plate, furnished with larger air intakes and finished off with sleek dark lines on the front grille.

The bonnet also highlights a lightweight carbon fibre coloured bonnet complemented by matte black air vents, with optional finishes to the vents in gloss black, body colour, or a carbon fibre touch in shiny or matte finish.

The new rear bumper styling imparts the Urus S with a more streamlined and elegant aesthetic. The lower half of the rear features a new twin-pipe exhaust design in brushed steel as standard, along with options such as matte or shiny black, or Ad Personam options in bright chrome.

The rims can also be optimised to the driver’s liking, with options of the standard 21″ wheel, the 22″ Nath rims with titanium matte and diamond polish finish, or the 23″ Taigete wheels that can be selected in bronze or diamond polish alternatives.

On the inside, Lamborghini also presents a fully-revised colour and trim offer, with two main options of the new Bi-colour Sportivo, and a Bi-colour Sophisticated option that carries forward the Performante’s stitching pattern.

The Urus S will be available for sale by the beginning of the new year, with a price tag of approximately $190,000. With the specific design modifications implemented to this Super SUV paired with its unmistakably improved performance, it’ll come as no surprise if the Urus S smashes sales records again just as its predecessor did at Sant’Agata.

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