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​55 Illuminating Rolls-Royce Wraiths 

It’s really baffling at times when you consider how Rolls-Royce keeps driving the ante up in the luxury motoring segment. Glistening veneers, pearly knobs, silk like seats… It’s just an amazing experience in any Roller each and every time. So, what have the crafters from Goodwood come up with this time to beguile the senses? It’s called the Wraith Luminary Collection.

The Luminary Wraiths comes in an exterior colour theme that is inspired by the shade of the golden hour’s sunrays, hence the colour’s name- Sunburst Grey. It’s basically a flat grey tone that comes to life with some copper hints that are devastatingly classy to the eyes and touch.

Further intrigue is added by a hand-painted Sunburst Motif coachline, hand-painted Wake Channel Lines on Wraith’s bonnet and pinstripes applied to the wheel centres, each in Saddlery Tan, bearing reference to the colourway of the interior leather.

Once you get through the coach doors, light flows from the front into the rear passenger compartment progressively. The light of 176 LEDs permeate through an intricately perforated design in the unique Tudor Oak veneer, giving off a special shooting-star pattern. Linked to the controls of the starlight headliner, this design feat is to surrounds the Wraith’s occupants in an ambient glow of light.

Limited to just 55 unique models, the overall theme of this Luminary Collection is not just to stun its occupants silly with ridiculous material selections, but to raise the Roll-Royce Patron experience into a different league (yes, it’s still possible!). One of the main features of this spectacular collection is in the application of Tudor Oak wood, sourced from the forests of the Czech Republic and selected for its depth of colour and the density of the grain structure.

Another startling feature of this Luminary Wraith Collection is in its handmade starlight headliner, crafted by the skilled group of engineers and designers from the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective based in Goodwood, West Sussex. This prized Rolls-Royce starlight headliner is a set of 1,340 fibre optic lights which act as a glittering night sky in the interior, thus creating a new interpretation of Rolls-Royce’s famous star constellation cabin ceilings. According to Rolls-Royce, it takes nearly 20 hours to configure.

Wraith Luminary’s cockpit is trimmed in Saddlery Tan, though the rear seats contrast in Anthracite leather. Contrast piping and stitching masterfully marry the front aesthetic to the rear. But where these fail some owners’ tastes, a more dramatic contrast can be selected by specifying Seashell coloured leather in the rear, both of which will be perfectly combined with the inclusion of a two-tone steering wheel. Another refreshing touch is in the application of hand-woven stainless steel fabric to the central transmission tunnel and door panniers, contrasting the Tudor Oak wood and Saddlery Tan leather.

The grand concept of this Luminary Collection of Wraiths culminates in its tread plates that read: ‘WRAITH LUMINARY COLLECTION – ONE OF FIFTY-FIVE’. It is engraved in hand-polished stainless steel. As the Wraith has opened Rolls-Royce up to a more modern audience with its grand touring appeal, this Wraith Luminary Collection takes a true gentleman’s gran tourismo into a truly different league, one that will illuminate the imaginations and ambitions of 55 unique individuals spread across the globe.

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