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A Regal Legend Reborn

We from The Grid were among the few to witness the arrival of the new Rolls Royce Phantom to Malaysia earlier today at the British marque’s sole authorised dealership in Malaysia on Jalan Semangat, Petaling Jaya. Needless to say we’re still in awe of this luxury car’s sheer presence in real life.

Just when you think a Rolls-Royce couldn’t look any more grand, the brand’s craftsmen and women have out-done themselves with this new Phantom. There was no way of missing the amount of minute details that have gone into making the new Roller, and it has a lot to do with the brand’s own design interpretation and meticulous in-house technology known as the Rolls-Royce Architecture of Luxury.

The Architecture of Luxury is an all-aluminium spaceframe architecture designed by Rolls-Royce engineers that will underpin every future Rolls-Royce beginning with this new Phantom.

As it is the first generation to adopt such technology, it is 30% more rigid than its predecessor for exceptional performance whilst also being lighter. The refinement continues with acoustic insulation from road noise being minimalised further by the employment of double skin alloy on areas within the floor and bulkhead of the spaceframe with the insertion of both dense foam and felt layers in between.

Rolls Royce also worked closely with its tyre supplier to invent ‘Silent-Seal’ tires and reduce overall tyre noise by 9db. With such seamless efforts, the 2018 Phantom is even 10% quieter than its predecessor. 

One of the chief highlights of this new Phantom’s appeal is the debut of an interesting novelty, known as ‘The Gallery’, where the car’s dashboard will exquisitely display an individual work of art commissioned by its owner upon purchase. This feature not only raises the intrinsic value of the Roller, but it actully makes each Phantom truly, one of a kind.

And of course, it goes without saying that beneath this mammoth of opulence, rests a powertrain that is worthy of anyone’s amazement and taste; a 6.75-litre behemoth V12 engine. The massive engine has been engineered to regally dish out 563 stylish stallions and 900Nm of torque from as low as 1,700rpm, all of which are the product of two turbocharges. 

We’ll let these images do rest of the work by showing you just exactly how polished and pristine the new Rolls-Royce Phantom really is. Still, we cant wait to have a go with this new luxury limousine to experience the legendary Rolls-Royece ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ and to be whisked away into the royal leagues of comfort and tastes. 

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