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Set in the pristine Island of Sainte Marguerite rests the Le Grand Jardin, a gushingly luxurious hidden sanctuary designed to invoke all senses into action the moment guests step foot off the boat. The 13-th century walled estate is the sole private property on the island surrounded by trickling natural pools, sweet-smelling citrus floras, and a 14,002 sq-metres botanic garden that exudes tranquillity as you stroll amidst the Mediterranean warmth. 

Le Grand Jardin is enveloped in the thick, verdant foliage abundant across the island, creating a natural barrier that provides its guests with an exclusive sense of intimacy. As soon as guests enter the ground, they are enveloped by the fragrance of vibrant blooms that contrast ever so peacefully with the greenery of the lawns and surrounding forests.

The property itself accommodates up to 24 guests with 12 rooms built across seven separate buildings in the one-and-a-half acres land – the Governor’s House, three cottages, a guest house, and an old fortress that stands as an icon of the region’s rich and colourful history. 

Each corner is like a private retreat, with secluded gardens and hidden alcoves where guests can unwind and relax. The sun-drenched terrace invites guests to lounge or take a refreshing dip in the shimmering waters of the turquoise pool while gazing at the breathtaking azure of the French Riviera. 

The picturesque stretch of the horizon is a postcard-perfect moment as the sun casts a golden glow on the rippling waves, dotted with yachts that strayed away from the harbour of Cannes, leaving nothing but a trail of frothy white foam in their wake. Whether lounging by the pool, strolling through the lush botanic grounds, or exploring the old fortress, the sanctuary promises unparalleled privacy and seclusion amidst its truly enchanting ambiance. 

The Villa itself is a stunning masterpiece of contemporary design and Mediterranean charm.  The spacious living areas are adorned with large windows and openings that bathe the spaces in natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere befit for relaxation and leisure with friends. Every detail is meticulously crafted through the thoughtful use of sustainable materials such as rock and teak wood flooring, and marble works to harmoniously accentuate the beauty and aesthetic of the overall design. 

The interior decor flourishes with a tasteful combination of neutral and earthy tones from floor to its soaring ceilings, gleaming chandeliers and plush furnishings that make guests feel right at home. The bedrooms are an oasis of serenity, completed with king-sized beds, crisp linens, and private balconies that offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. The bathrooms are also a haven in its own right, featuring soothing white & grey marble finishes, rainfall showers, and oversized soaking tubs. 

The villa also offers an array of amenities to help guests make the most of their stay. From its wine & cigar cellar, Hammam sauna and gym, treatment rooms with spa therapists, and Eco spa with 2 pools, Le Grand Jardin ensures that it has everything you need to relax and entertain. 

To ensure a truly relaxing and stress-free stay, Le Grand Jardin has partnered with Blue Shore Concierge to help guests make the most of their time at the villa. The exclusive concierge service offers a range of services that include everything from arranging all modes of transportation, daily breakfast and afternoon tea, a private chef, service staff during meals, housekeeping, and even a butler service for the night. Every aspect of a guest’s time at Le Grand Jardin can be supported by a lifestyle manager dedicated to unlocking distinctive experiences through an established network of culinary specialists, art dealers, event planners, sommeliers, and more. 

Depending on the season, the Le Grand Jardin can be rented on a weekly basis starting from EUR 150 ‘000 onwards, excluding its bespoke concierge services. Visit this link for more information, or contact at [email protected] or +41 79 650 29 50 for further inquiries on reservations. 

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