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Rediscover yourself amidst nature’s beauty with an ecotherapy retreat with Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape. Set in the heart of the Balinese jungle, the Buahan retreat is an untapped natural enclave with a quirky ‘No Walls, No Doors’ villa concept that offers adult-only guests with a unique ‘nature-naked’ experience in communion with the untouched greeneries of Northern Ubud. This December, the resort is thrilled to unveil its latest 2-nights nature creative retreat that will take place from the 7th to 9th of year’s end.

Better termed as the ‘Beauty of Nature Creative Retreat’, travellers are invited to enter the archway of flora to receive the touch of mother nature herself, where she comes as an outstretched green hand to rejuvenate the souls of the weary. Together with Singaporean Botanical Artist, Lucinda Law, Buahan is organising this nature-sensory retreat packed with a thoughtfully created itinerary in hopes of creating a transformative experience for guests to connect with not only themselves, but also with like-minded attendees from around the world.

For a little more context, adventure-seekers can look forward to unleashing their creative prowess to create botanical art, travel sketching, embark in a reflective journey, as well as indulge in poetry expressions that frame their personalities. With Lucinda Law herself as their guide, they can take home the creative practices and techniques learnt back in their personal lives where their creative expression can live on.

The notion behind this avant-garde journey is to awaken the attunement and attentiveness to the smaller and intimate nature details, bringing forth a higher state of consciousness to truly indulge in the majestic wonders of natural elements and landscapes such as the waterfall and seven mountains peaks from within the resort.

And on top of that, he ‘Soul Blessing Journey’ organised by the resort welcomes participants to be adorned in traditional Balinese Costume before making their own Canang Sari, a small basket of gratitude offerings filled with sacred flowers. Following this, participants will embark on a 15-minute trek to the private waterfall where a Pemangku (priest) will preside over a water blessing before they are guided to experience the life-energising Creative Restoration workshop, a perfect way to wrap-up this soul-searching getaway experience.

If you’re looking to unwind with a well-deserved break whilst exploring your artistic potential amidst mother nature, then book your stay for The Beauty of Nature Creative Retreat here.

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