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A whiff of freshly cut grass tingles, riding the waves of  cool and gentle breeze that rustles through the scenic views of greeneries as you tee-up for your first shot on the open course. In the distance, rolling hills dotted with trees and the lake shimmering in the light of the sun compounds the surrounding tranquility, coming together to create an overwhelming sense of peace to behold. 

Golf has become more than just a sport; it’s a luxurious and relaxing experience that bands a community together, where the stunning landscapes, world-class amenities, and unparalleled hospitality of a golf club leaves behind an unforgettable environment for entertainment and leisure. 

And with that said, Emeralda Golf Club stamps its mark as the leading golf destination in Indonesia. Situated in the secluded oasis between Jakarta and Bogor, the tropical golf courses are birthed to celebrate the Sundanese lifestyle all while providing its guests with the contemporary golfing facilities one may expect to find at such a destination. Boasting 3 championship golf courses developed by PT. Karabha Digdaya and designed by Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, the Golf Club has been awarded the Luxury Lifestyle Awards winner in the title of Best Luxury Golf Course in Southeast Asia for 2022. 

Emeralda Golf Club offers 2 types of membership, that is an annual membership or a 15-year executive membership. Members of the club can indulge in its element of exclusivity with significant loyalty perks. Invitations to regular local tournaments and state-of-the-art golf simulators are available for golfers to perfect their game down to each stroke. Professionally trained caddies, a driving range, a putting green, and a fully equipped golf shop also offer members with the highest possible standard of equipment and facilities to level up their gameplay. 

The club is also loaded with top-class amenities and facilities, including a lounge for relaxation, dining at the open-air restaurant overlooking the course, or opt for a more intimate setting with drinks and food in the luxurious VIP lounge. The estate also includes a traditional spa and sauna for golfers to respite with a therapeutic retreat after a long day out in the sun. Furthermore, the expansive space of the Emeralda Golf Club also caters for an endless supply of entertainment, with transformative themed spaces befit for any occasion. 

Overall, the Emeralda Golf Club seeks to offer its discerning members the utmost luxurious experience, where no expenses have been spared to ensure that all needs are met. For those who view golf as an integral part of their lives, it’s only natural to look for the best golf club there is to provide them with the ultimate experience to spend their leisure time in pursuit of passion. And the Emeralda Golf Club stands to deliver just that. 

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