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​Aman Le Mélézin Offers A World Class Wellness Experience

Skiing can be a whole lot of fun but to those of us who have tried it, it can also be a painful experience, especially by the day’s end. That’s why Aman Le Mélézin in France, part of the famous Aman luxury franchise, has recently introduced a wholesome wellness concept as part of its famous luxury resort experience. The luxury experts, renowned for having over 31 destinations in 20 countries that espouse peace and privacy, recently unveiled a new holistic 767 square metre spa dedicated to rejuvenating both body and mind, in conjunction with their 25th anniversary and reopening of the resort this 17th December 2017.

This new spa at Aman Mélézin in France is built on the fact that each individual will experience different levels of muscle soreness post-skiing, all depending on the individual’s own physical condition. One of the most commonly seen muscle soreness is delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which is often caused by microscopic tears to one’s muscle fibers after intense physical activity that results in inflammation of the muscles. While it can go unnoticed, this spa is made to apprehend the said soreness before it worsens.   

Upon its opening this year-end, the new spa at Aman Le Mélézin will comprise of two new floors, all equipped with five spacious treatment rooms, including two double suites and one signature Thai massage suite. A hammam will also be installed to offer guests a menu of Turkish wellness experiences including warming and soothing hot stone massages and energizing Himalayan salt scrub experiences. 

On the other hand, if you wish to do some warm up prior ski session, a newly installed yoga studio will be available, located adjacent to the spa and will offer early morning pre-ski sessions with a qualified instructor to allow visitors and customers, to prepare and stretch the body for the day’s activity. This proper stretching session will also help to tremendously reduce the risk of experiencing a sprain or intense muscle soreness.

After a long day spent on the ski slopes, one can opt to sample Le Mélézin’s NAMA restaurtant, a newly launched culinary concept which follows the Japanese tradition of washoku, a UNESCO recognized traditional dining experience which translates to ‘harmony in food’. 

Under the guidance of master chef Keiji Matoba, the mastermind behind the concept, Nama’s menu will comprise of authentic and minimalist Japanese dishes which include sushi and sashimi alongside highlight dishes such as succulent wagyu beef and otoro tuna. This is definitely a must-try for those of us who can appreciate the finer things in life.

Ultimately, if you have already started planning your ski holiday for this December, France is probably the only other ideal location, other than Switzerland of course. Should you opt for France, you will know where to head to for a serene ski holiday. 

Image Credits: Aman 

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