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inT Design From Hong Kong Bags Best Luxury Interior Design (Single Residential Property) For Tierra Verde in Hong Kong by Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

The dream of a perfect home arises for most people during their lifetime, may it be sooner or later. Each and every one of us has a unique vision of our dream home which depends on many factors. Hence the experts at inT Design are tasked to take into account each and every one of these details to create comfortable spaces for living and working. From their clients’ personalities, habits, and lifestyles, to using the strengths and weaknesses of the home, they consider every detail in fulfilling their mission. “We Design Dreams!” in this case seems apt in describing inT Design’s philosophies. inT Design’s recent win in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards category of Best Luxury Interior Design (Single Residential Property) for Tierra Verde in Hong Kong hence shows the company’s prowess and determination for every tasks presented to them.

The history of inT Design began in 2010 when talented designer, Jacky Lee founded his own studio, which aim is to design unique and perfect homes that bring aesthetics and comfort into people’s lives. With more than 10 years of existence, the Hong Kong-based company has created an extensive portfolio of work that includes private homes and office spaces. Projects by Jacky Lee and his team also include interior design and renovation of commercial spaces for world famous brands such as PRADA, Dr. View Medical, Carhartt Work In Progress, and many others. The sense of responsibility and unparalleled professionalism of inT Design has been recognised far beyond China, evidently so as the company has received industry awards in multiple regions spanning across Asia, Italy, and the United States.

All outstanding achievements of the company, including the recent award conferment from Luxury Lifestyle Awards, were due to the unique combination of years of expertise, technical excellence, commitment to innovation, and attention to the needs and specific tastes of the customers. This was also how the interior design for Tierra Verde, a luxury apartment on Tsing Yi Island near Villa Esplanada, was created. This apartment, designed for a young couple embodies all the clients’ wishes for a living space.

The interior of Tierra Verde was designed in a Scandinavian style. However, despite the inherent minimalism, the designers managed to create a warm and cozy atmosphere within this three-room apartment. Competent study of space, exquisite colour combinations, and striking attention to detail allowed for the provision of balance between the aesthetic appeal of the abode and the functionality of the interior.

The apartment owners often invite friends over for dinner or a glass of wine, so a spacious living room was a priority. Therefore, the living room area was significantly increased by removing the corridor, and the dining room was placed by a large window with a beautiful view. To provide additional flexibility to the space, the designers used a retractable table. Moving the dining room to the window made it possible to place a bar area with a bar counter and wine rack in its previous location. 

The inT Design specialists paid special attention to the colour scheme of the apartment. Black, white, and grey were chosen as the main colours. When choosing the wall colour, the designers were guided by the sources and nature of light, as well as the proportions of the space, to ensure the warmth of the place. To enrich the visual image of the space, wood and marble elements were added to the finish of the bar and cabinets. Gold and steel framing of chandeliers and door handles added sophistication and elegance to the apartment.

To find out more about inT Design, connect with them directly via their website.

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