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KYDO is a Taipei-based boutique design company led by its Founder and Director, Liao KengYu. Established in 2011, the multi-award winning offers its client with exceptional design concepts and inspiration with a unique vision of modern living. Its influence can be seen across Taiwan’s high-end private residences, commercial spaces, corporate HQs, boutique hotels, restaurants, and public spaces. His team of specialists works closely with their clients to create elegant, artistic spaces that integrate art and craftsmanship using modern materials and advanced design techniques all without compromising on functionality.

KengYu believes that every space should tell its own story. Following this philosophy, he lends his considerable skills and expertise accumulated throughout his work to focus on creating tailor-made designs and exclusive furniture and lighting solutions, offering his sharp sense of practicality and artistic flair.

More recently, KYDO’s masterfully executed design of Dikeyuwo has earned them the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Restaurant Interior Design 2022 in Taiwan. The panel of specialist judges at Luxury Lifestyle Awards commented that it was indeed a well-deserved accolade for the forward-thinking company making its mark in the Taiwanese marketplace. This is the second year that they have been recognized for their outstanding designs.

Dikeyuwo is a perfect illustration of KYDO’s commitment to transforming spaces. Located at the heart of vibrant Taipei, Taiwan, the building used to be home to Dick’s place, a renowned bar by Dick Chen that went on to become Taiwan’s first mixologist to head up the bar at an international hotel chain. Having undergone a revamp by Kydo, Dikeyuwo reopened in 2021 with a collection of entertaining spaces fulfilling six different functions. Spread over two floors, customers have the option to lounge in the snack bar, cafe, bar, restaurant, tea room, or even a private venue that is available for hire.

While respecting the integrity of the bar’s heritage, KYDO utilised the opportunity to redesign the space as a new chapter in the city’s cafe culture scene. The designers had a vision to portray the whole building as a reflection of Taiwan’s generous hospitality. Each area, whilst functioning individually, maintains a harmonious flow with the clever use of different materials, lighting colour palettes, and furniture that ties the whole concept together.

Even from the outside, Dikeyuwo presents an intriguing facade, tempting passersby with its open garage-style windows and an alluring takeaway menu to pique their interest. Each corner has been cleverly established to fulfil different needs throughout the building. The sleek open coffee bar welcomes guests with its soulful palette of black, white and grey, and a signature speckled wall with its unvarnished textures.

The bar area is inspired by traditional lacquer with wood-grained walls to fashion an environment of warmth and comfort. Palettes of sienna, wood, and brown blend together seamlessly with curated vintage pieces for an added touch of history.

The spare treatment of the walls and ceiling, charcoal bench and custom bar chairs, and graceful curves of the pure white staircase brings an immediate sense of calm to all those who enter. The graceful sweep of the stairs brings guests up to the second level, where they are greeted by cocoons of private rooms that feature a minimalistically contemporary design matched with vintage Western furniture.

The peaceful Zen-like tearoom with its rough-hewn mineral-painted earthen walls layers on a depth of style and texture. Even the staff door has been transformed into a focal point with door panels painted to portray an abstract painting, capped by a copper frame that adds a level of unpretentious theatrics to the space.

The end result is an inviting and diverse experience expertly curated by the imaginative designers at KYDO. Through thoughtful and practical design, Dikeyuwo has been successfully transformed into the ideal haven for relaxation and recreation in the heart of the city’s hustle and bustle.

Discover more about KYDO and its award-winning restaurant project here.

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