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How Consumer Habits Have Changed In The Context Of Home Refurbishment And Decoration During The Pandemic.

Can anyone remember what pre-pandemic life looked like? Early morning starts with clogged up traffic to arrive at school and work on time. A full frenzied day collaborating, meeting, discussing and interacting with peers and co-workers. Canteen lunch breaks or take-outs on the run. Perhaps after work drinks at the local pub for wind-down Fridays, or a dinner out with the family for week night treats? Gym sessions and shopping sprees, concerts and shows… The world was open, wide and free.

The post-pandemic world has changed how people work and live. Consumers are redefining their identities and evaluating what they want to do and see, when they are at home and when traveling. They have new demands on the things they buy and need. High productivity, efficiency, and working from home are all positives in this new era. The highs, joys and necessities of life outside the home, have now come inside.

For a glimpse into the new norms within our homes, particularly within the world of home design and decor, we turned to Claus Ditlev Jensen, Collections and Visuals Director for BoConcept. He and his team have helped transform peoples’ homes in this new post-pandemic world, with high-end contemporary furnitures, decors and interior design services.

Here are the key insights shared:

Long gone are the days when a person could just work from home. The winds of change are blowing, and today people have different ideas about productivity, responsibility, and success. As wellness becomes increasingly important for consumers, companies will be expected to adapt and to keep their people happy and content. The transition from “Work From Home” to “Work From Anywhere” will give us newfound perspectives, those primarily of feelings of freedom and inclusiveness.

1. Compartmentalisation Is In

The open-concept floor plan is no longer practical or desired as much as it once was. Exclusive areas for the home office, gym, outdoor recreation, study and personal wellness are more important now for today’s homeowners. This multi-purpose functionality is achieved through creative strategising, and can include elements like room dividers, decorative screening, indoor plants and customisable furniture.

2. The Home Office Is A Permanent Feature

The home office is the latest trend – an office inside the home. It’s quickly becoming a large part of the future office space and it has the ability to help us maintain a happy work-life balance. The global commerce sector has now shown that remote working, even within corporate environments, can work. With the pandemic still posing a public health threat, home offices are becoming entrenched. Consumers are searching out quality office furniture and decor that reflect their unique individual styles, creating a more positive working experience.

3. A Personal Connection to Decor Creators

They say you can’t love something until you touch it. You may have heard by now that tactile surfaces are in. Products are marked by the human creators, born from imperfections and the longing for a home with unique items and soft comforts that express one’s individuality. This means that handcrafted decor items, that perhaps have the artist’s signature, handprint or marking, are in demand. Consumers wish to have a human connection with the objects beautifying their spaces.

4. Simplicity Is Where It’s At

Consumers are starting to crave simplicity. The “movement” takes its cues from democratic design that’s both accessible, sustainable and life-enhancing. We yearn for a stripped-down lifestyle that isn’t cluttered with over-consumption. Nostalgia is growing for the days when things were simpler and life wasn’t clouded with daily stressors. A return to mindfulness and an appreciation for authentic pieces is at the heart of the new era consumer. 

5. Inviting the Outdoors In

With earthy textures and natural surfaces, this trend seeks to go even further in bringing the outdoors in. Ancient rituals, global heirlooms and age-old wisdom are all inspirations. This trend emphasises natural materials and textures to create the feeling of being outside. Designing one’s home to be more interconnected with the outdoors is key to boosting mental and physical health. Large windows, doors, and natural lighting can help bring the outdoors inside. Decorating with greenery and colours inspired by nature is a wonderful way to achieve this goal, and biophilic design has been shown to increase health and wellness.

6. Craftsmanship and Natural Textures

This space is about taking rustic materials like wood, leather and ceramics, and weaving them together with refined materials like silk, wool, metal and stone. It’s about taking rough materials and finishing them in a refined way. The colours in this space are derived from the materials and their natural hues, tying in perfectly with the theme of biophilic design and the latest colour trends. 

7. Mood Upliftment

Many people are needing to create a positive mood in their homes, especially with decor and accessories. This is often because of the external factors such as the pandemic, or political and economic climate. Personal wellness is a key highlight, hence steps towards creating a mindful, calming and happy space are of integral importance. Neutral, earthy and cool colour tones can offer a calming and tranquil effect on moods, whereas warmer hues of yellows and orange can help energise and uplift one’s mood. 

8. Expert Design Assistance

More homeowners are using professional decor and design services, reflecting the growing need to ensure the home space is as desirable and reflective of their values as much possible. BoConcept offers a free design service which has proven to hit the mark with new era consumers. With higher spending and budgets dedicated to homes, they want to ensure their spend is not wasted on elements that don’t necessarily blend or work in a space. Consumers are willing to invest more into making it their sanctuary, because home is not only where the heart is – it’s where everything is now. Hence why the services of an interior designer is of all importance.

BoConcept, a Luxury Lifestyle Awards global winner, is ahead of the market because it has accurately assessed and anticipated the global emerging trends. The company’s furniture and decor ranges are perfectly targeted for people who know what they want. They also happen to offer a broad range of options. For example, the Carmo Corner Sofa is fully customisable and interchangeable with different variants, and available in multiple materials and colour options. It’s this level of forward-thinking design solutions that makes ticking the above boxes all the more attractive.

With a rich history within the home design and decor industry, BoConcept, founded in 1952 in Denmark, is today the world’s most global furniture retailer. With over 300 stores spanning 65 countries, the brand works with award-winning designers to create collections of furniture, accessories and lighting for private homes and business spaces. Under the heading ‘Live ‘Ekstraordinær,’ BoConcept is committed to bringing its flexible Interior Design Services and industry-leading customisation to spaces both private and public – without compromising on design vision or aesthetics.

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