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Cambodia is best known for its rich history, stunning temples, beautiful beaches and friendly locals, garnering a reputation as a popular destination for tourists looking to explore the ancient ruins, immerse in the teachings of Buddhism, or simply relax on its tropical oceanside. But that’s not just all there is to this up and coming nation. 

More recently, the fast-growing economy backed by a prominent GDP growth of 7% in 2019 and a total trade volume valued at $27.2 billion in the first half of 2022 has overturned the past perception of the country’s indigence. With economic activities flourishing over the years, the country is making strides towards real estate development, channeling its focus on creating properties for local and foreign investors to partake in its market’s blossoming. 

Bosba Property Co Ltd is Cambodia’s leading property development company. By 2018, the company has successfully built 89 residential flats with a total cost of just 6 million USD, earning the trust of investors, partners and big banks in Cambodia. This imparted the independent developers with a healthy cash flow with the capacity to continue developing projects worth over 5 million USD. As of now, they embrace aspirations to build towering commercial buildings, luxury villas, housing and condominiums, classy resorts and bustling retail stores. 

The company has recently been awarded the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in three categories – Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Cambodia, Best Luxury Sustainable Real Estate Developer In Cambodia, and Best Luxury Residential Development for Apsormera in Cambodia, 2022. 

For its award-winning project Apsormera, the team’s vision was to create a luxury residential development surrounded by complementary amenities where owners can choose between an array of villas that present breathtaking gardens and ambience. The villas are modern and contemporary, have SmartHome devices, and offer the comfort of living equivalent to 5-star hotels. The overall architecture exudes sophistication and meticulous craftsmanship can be seen in the details from the exterior into the interior. 

The company presents itself as a go-to, one-stop shop for all property development-related projects in Cambodia, with a simple goal that is to provide only the best home and leisure living experience for all its clients. The team invests their expertise and resources into building homes that integrate only the best infrastructure, modern technology, and dazzling interior and exterior designs that promise comfort and tranquility. Their ability to develop affordable, sustainable, and quality residential properties is what sets them apart from their competitors. 

It is an honor to have been recognized by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards and awarded in the three respective categories. Our team offers an experience like no other and is truly dedicated to making our client’s property dreams come true. This global recognition fits into our future plans as we continue to grow on a global scale, commented Chheang Roth, Chairman of the Board at Bosba Property Co Ltd. 

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