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APL Architects is a Philippine-based architectural and design firm that prides itself on creating sustainable and innovative spaces. With over 20 years of experience in the luxury architecture and design scene, the company has developed many homes, resorts and commercial lots all throughout the Philippines. The team is led by chief brain and architect, Philip Lu, an adroit personality who founded the firm in 2002 after having worked across Asia, prominently accredited for playing a significant role in developing the transformative designs of the renowned Marina Square Leisureplex in Singapore. 

The firm’s philosophy centres around combining the creativity and innovation of young minds with the extensive experience of seasoned pros in its quest to create modern, sustainable, and world-class designs. This ideology is readily demonstrated in one of its latest design and construction assignments – the FARM project.  

Inspired by the client’s vision for a farm-to-table living household, as well as for their appreciation of the beauty found in nature, the direction of the design was set from the get-go to create a self-sustainable, eco-friendly home. By employing its years of know-hows and experience, APL Architects pulled out all the stops to devise a creative solution to turn their client’s dreams and visions into reality. The result is a luxurious and elegant home that offers an ultimate escape from city living without compromising on the finer things in life.

The design extensively features superior materials such as Italian tiles, German modular cabinetry courtesy of Haeker, and US quartz countertops from CAMBRIA. Imported teak wood from Indonesia has also been used for the external cladding, and INALCO marble slab MDI tiles adorn the external accent walks. 

In the name of sustainability, the home is fitted with solar panels to harness electricity that is utilised and stored in the hybrid dry cell. Any excess energy can then be returned to the service provider for the homeowner to enjoy some dividends. A mechanical petrol-driven genset serves as a backup as well. Rain-water is collected, treated, and stored in a special holding tank which will be recycled for irrigation and cleaning purposes. 

The home is also tech-focused to some extent, equipped with state-of-the-art CCTV and smart home automation backed by the development’s efficient WIFI system. The heated swimming pool is powered via a series of solar tubes backed up by an LPG-driven water heater system. And rather than the conventional use of chlorine, the pool’s filtration system utilises natural salt as a cleaning agent. These clever measures contribute towards sustainable living, paired with the exceptional design and layout of the home, it truly provides its homeowners with everything they need to live in harmony. 

This remarkable project stood out to earn APL Architects the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Architecture (Single Residential Project) 2022 for FARM in the Philippines. For a perfect combination of style, functionality and sustainability, this is truly a well-deserved accolade for the visionary architecture firm. 

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