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The Gemini Collection: A Limited Luxury Living Experience By AIRA Residence

We’ve visited and experienced what AIRA Residence is about before and quite frankly, we have been blown away with each visit to their show units up in Jalan Gelanggang, Bukit Damansara. This prestigious and new property development by Selangor Properties Berhad is purposefully located amidst the lush green of Damansara Heights, with each unit housing the graceful interior design language of award winning and world-renowned designer, Piet Boon. This same Studio Piet Boon is no stranger to luxury living, as the design house has a portfolio of residence projects in Amsterdam and New York as well. In Amsterdam, Studio Piet Boon carried out a redesign of the interior of an existing 3-story villa, and the firm successfully created the perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics and individuality. The team maximized the living space while keeping a warm, intimate, inviting atmosphere. In New York, Studio Piet Boon brought their skills and creativity to Fifth Avenue Apartment, where the luxurious units, with breath-taking views of New York’s Central Park, were all designed to make optimal use of natural light, especially in areas that overlook the park.

Studio Piet Boon, who are chief designers behind AIRA Residence, have added their magical touch to AIRA with a stunning variety of Piet Boon-designed furnishings, luminaires and fixtures as well, along with options for television and sound systems, security and smarter home convenience. Designer brands like Miele, De Dietrich, Brandt and Formani are among the staple names from the home industry that are part of AIRA Residence’s features. With such an attention to detail demonstrated throughout its concept and materialisation, it is no surprise to learn that the luxurious condominium is now being made available with a very creatively put together package called, The Gemini Collection, a collection of the first ten A2 apartments which will then be awarded with the additional benefits that come with a Gemini Collection ownership and some of them are quite irresistible in our eyes.

In essence, just like how it takes smaller stars to build a constellation, AIRA Residence’s Gemini Collection will consist of the first ten A2 units that are purchased, from a total of 32. There are numerous perks when one decides to become a Gemini Collection owner. When one opts for the Gemini Collection, they will first and foremost be choosing to live opulently in a bungalow-style living space with comes with 5 bedrooms that will be yearning for some personalisation. Each portion of the 5,253 sq-ft A2 unit will be decked out in some of AIRA Residence’s finest colour palettes such as “Ambrosia Amber” and “Meridian Emerald”.

However, for the Gemini Collection owners, they will have the chance to upgrade the interior of their unit to a Studio Piet Boon special theme worth RM200,000 called “Midnight Pearl”. We’ve discussed this remarkable interior theme before in The Grid. It is one theme from AIRA’s selection that expresses a quiet confidence and strength of character in its minimalist, yet dramatic fusion of classic black and white that is designed to be attractive and breath-taking on purpose. Things like the floor, wall tiling and cabinetry throughout Gemini Collection apartments will be finished in this unique Midnight Pearl colour palette.

As it is designed specifically to complement the lifestyle of the modern family, the “Midnight Pearl” theme explores space in a unique way to create a lot more breathing space, in spite of the generous amount already available with a Gemini Collection ownership. where the simple contrast allows one’s visual to perceive more space than the generous amounts already offered in an AIRA Residence unit. The Master Bedroom of this exquisite A2 unit is a brilliant interplay of architectural prowess. It is designed to allow bright light in seamlessly by day and at night, this room beautifully marries calm with comfort. Luxuriously spacious, this 484 sq-ft bedroom area becomes a sanctuary within a sanctuary for anyone complete with its own 215 sq-ft ensuite bathroom all decked out in elegant form with the Midnight Pearl colour palette flooring.

Its Dry Kitchen is also a huge focal point of the Gemini Collection units. This generous space is the perfect mingling area where one and all who visit a Gemini Collection home will be able to dine seamlessly. This is because the refined dining area and kitchen connect very nicely with aims to amplify the openness and the interior’s “Midnight Pearl” colour palette, a colour theme that elegantly showcases the design efficiencies of The Miele appliances. Just like any AIRA Residence condominium, a Gemini Collection ownership comes with a spacious balcony to soak in the spectacular views that surround the luxury property. With the glorious city skyline view in the distance, over on the inside, each unit with this type A2 floorplan is intuitively crafted to bring out a luxury home experience with each section afforded bountiful space and intricacy.

 What’s more, if you require even more living area, units situated next to each other can be potentially joined, offering more unique options of horizontal expansion ideas, something that might work well to showcase the wide array of internationally renowned appliances and cabinetry that AIRA Residence has curated. The custodians of AIRA Residence, Selangor Properties Berhad, are not stopping at just the keys to a Gemini Collection unit. Selangor Properties Berhad will fly purchasers of these ten Gemini Collection apartments to Amsterdam for a person-to-person consultancy with the aforementioned, internationally renowned Studio Piet Boon interior design team. This is something that is truly exclusive, as with a normal unit purchase, interior design consultation takes place in Malaysia. However, as a Gemini Collection owner, the privilege is extended beyond our shores for owners to experience a four-day itinerary between Amsterdam and Belgium.

A complimentary gesture, this trip to Studio Piet Boon in Amsterdam for personal design consultation is worth RM120,000 and is basically a holiday getaway that also includes an additional RM100,000 worth in shopping vouchers among other things. With the whole exclusive itinerary, the total value that can be experienced by a Gemini Collection owner in this special complimentary trip is RM420,000. Yeap, that’s a big “Wow!” in our books.
Day One, will see your journey begin with an exclusive limousine pick up from your Kuala Lumpur doorstep straight to KLIA and thence onto a Business Class flight for two to Amsterdam. Once there, you’ll stay at Piet Boon’s favourite accommodation, the famous 5-star Conservatorium Hotel. Day Two will kick off with the unforgettable experience at Piet Boon Studio and the one-on-one consultation with their top design team. Here, you will get to explore choices that personally fit your style and lifestyle with Studio Piet Boon’s award-winning designers. Everything from colours, fabrics, furniture and more will be discussed and pondered. The team will then summarise an interior styling plan that uniquely expresses your very own living environment

On Day Three, as an owner of the Gemini Collection, you will then be taken to the Piet Boon Selections Showroom, and the RM100,000 worth of shopping vouchers can be utilised tastefully. Your choices will include everything from furniture and lighting to housewares and artisanal pieces, so it promises to be a day that is as exciting and fun-filled. On the last day of the trip, Day Four, you and your partner will be treated to a delicious Dutch breakfast, then whisked off to Antwerp, Belgium in a chauffeur-driven limousine. Once in Belgium, the choices are yours; visit the unforgettable sights of Antwerp such as exploring the stunning art selections of the city’s famous institutes, like Grote Markt van Antwerpen; Ruben’s House, Museum aan de Stroom or the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. Later in the day, you will be given the real chance to enjoy dinner at the Studio Piet Boon-designed 2 Michelin Star restaurant called, “The Jane”, with accommodation provided at another Piet Boon personal favourite, Hotel Julien. In all of this, AIRA Residence is practicing a ‘Stay If You Choose, Return When You Will’ policy Lumpur.

Founded in 1983 by Piet Boon and joined in 1986 by creative director Karin Meyn, Piet Boon Studio will be the very conceptualisers of the Gemini Collection home’s interior. As an award-winning international design company renowned for unique craftsmanship, vision and quality, getting a chance to meet the team in person upon purchasing a Gemini Collection home allows for even more creativity in personalising your home. And if all this doesn’t temp the cheque book so far, the fact that there will only be 10 units of this kind in the whole world is a truly exclusive living opportunity that should not go to waste at all. To learn more on The Gemini Collection by AIRA Residence, visit or get in touch with us at The Grid and we’ll assist you further.

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