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Leonardo Launches Agusta Brand As The Height Of Sophistication And Technology For The VIP Helicopter Sector.


Leonardo, a world leading Italian brand synonymous with the aerospace, defence and security industries, has recently announced during the opening of Expo Dubai 2020, the launch of its new initiatives which objectives are to reinforce its leading position within the world’s VIP and corporate helicopter market, and at the same time, to pioneer new advanced and sustainable air mobility solutions in the vertical flight sector.



The iconic Agusta brand signifies heritage as it is strongly embedded amongst the communities of the rotorcraft industry and reputed as a symbol of commitment to stay at the forefront of innovation. Hence it was only apt that the Agusta name was leveraged upon in representing Leonardo’s distinctive design, technology and service philosophies as well as values in the executive transport rotorcraft sphere. Agusta is a unique combination of best-in-class performance, comfort and refined Italian style. With this, Leonardo is committed to providing operators now and into the future unmatched tailor-made solutions. 

AW109 GrandNew

Since the arrival of the popular and iconic A109 fifty years ago, ‘speed and elegance’ have been clear examples of recurring words from operators to define a helicopter and an experience. Together with the significant growth and evolution of the highly successful range of solutions across all civil and public service applications over the recent decades, it has led ‘Agusta’ to become synonymous with the characteristics of outstanding performance, aerodynamics, advance technology and high customisation levels. This is especially evident and consistent for the passenger transportation roles.

Gian Piero Cutillo, Leonardo Helicopters MD, said: “With Agusta we give our VIP operators a strong brand that they can easily recognise and identify with, a sign that embodies their desire for excellence and quality with a personal touch and distinction, which includes their flight experience. We want them to be themselves before take-off, during flight and upon arrival at their destination, setting them apart from others. The strength and recognition of the Agusta brand legacy still continues to live on in this particular market segment.” 

Casa Agusta


The Agusta brand announcement took place at the grand opening of yet another initiative – a new rotorcraft terminal in Dubai, designated as Casa Agusta by Leonardo and Falcon Aviation Services. Based on an entirely brand new concept, the Casa Agusta combines a helipad, showroom and lounge areas in a single city-based heliport. The terminal concept will support the development of a network of point-to-point connections for both urban transfers and connections between cities, while meeting the growing demands for sustainable and modern vertical lift mobility. Casa Augusta’s terminal concept will also provide for greater access to urban areas.

Casa Agusta

VIP and charter services users and passengers can look forward to service levels typically available in larger private airport facilities far from downtown and urban areas. Casa Agusta features a strong environmentally friendly design, which is modular through the use of recyclable materials and, if required, the terminal can be transported. Leading operator Falcon Aviation Services will use the terminal to deliver the best-in-class helicopter transport services.


Leonardo is looking to provide a mandatory sense of Agusta experience before each take-off and landing, hence the development of an ideal ground base at the start and end of each journey. The rotorcraft terminal would be refined, modern, modular, sustainable besides being capable of meeting the evolving trends in airborne mobility with an adaptable space, and areas to enjoy whether for business or relaxation. Through the combination of an amazing infrastructure together with the revolutionary AW609, which delivers rotorcraft versatility with turboprop-like performance, what Leonardo is doing in Dubai today perfectly epitomises the Company’s vision of a not-so-distant future in modern air mobility.

Over the duration of the Expo Dubai 2020, the Casa Agusta will facilitate the mobility to and from the Expo Dubai site. 



Leonardo also took the opportunity to showcase an AW609 TiltRotor and an AW609 full scale VIP/Corporate cabin mock-up as static display close to Casa Agusta for a limited time. The debut of the AW609 TiltRotor in the Middle East with its official presentation in Dubai marks the global commercial launch of the revolutionary multirole aircraft as it gets closer to its civil certification.


Alessandro Profumo, Leonardo CEO, said: “The aviation industry of the third millennium is rapidly evolving towards new forms of mobility, with the aims of modernity, security, and sustainability. Indeed, our aim is not just to build new bridges for the exchange of goods and services, but, most importantly, to foster the movement of people and new ideas, which are key to economic and cultural growth. Leonardo wants to be a driver of this transformation, leveraging on the capabilities that distinguish us: high-end technologies, professionalism, and people-centric. What we announce and show here today will strongly contribute to support this evolution in mobility.”



The largest product range of Leonardo VIP-Corporate helicopters comprises more than 10 models and they are dedicated to transport missions such as charter, schedule flights, air-taxi, sight-seeing / aerial tours, private flights and VVIP/governmental flights.

An overview of types of Leonardo VIP-Corporate helicopters includes the AW109 light-twin series (both Trekker and GrandNew), AW family including the light intermediate model AW169, intermediate and best in its class AW139 and AW189 for medium class weight. The AW609 rotorcraft in VIP configuration is included within the intermediate class.

AW139 with Lurssen’s 141.6m superyacht Nord. Visuals by Tom van Oossanen

These helicopter types are ideal in carrying out transport missions such as charter and air-taxi flights amongst others, providing the best solution in optimising time and businesses processes. Apart from charter and air-taxi flights, Heli-Yachting operations are also ideal and the bespoke solutions are provided exclusively to super yacht owners, thanks to the extensive experience of Leonardo’s heli-deck operations.

The features of these VIP helicopters highlights the best in class performance with the latest certification and safety standards coupled with modern design. The VIP helicopters are also spacious with a highly comfortable cabin, customisable to the highest level.

AW109 GrandNew

Leonardo is the undisputed leader with over 40% market share within the multi-engine VIP-Corporate helicopter segment (market share by total deliveries). This was achieved as Leonardo has the largest and most modern models with range topping capabilities of any manufacturer in the industry. The Company also often exceeds the most stringent of certifications and safety standards with a range of advanced technologies for navigation, mission, safety and cabin experience.

Visuals: Leonardo

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