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Falcon to The Fore

China and Russia are two very large markets in business and private aviation, considering how billionaires are sprouting out rapidly. It makes no surprise then that Dassault Falcon has pushed to have its new Falcon 8X ultra-long range trijet in service in these two huge markets.

It’s been only a year since its introduction to service yet, the 8X has already been delivered to customers throughout the United States, as well as in Europe, Russia, South America, the Middle East and Asia. Call it a global expansion, but the natural thing to do is to follow the money trail across the globe. Judging from its past foray into big markets like Brazil and Russia with its Falcon 7X, where it has dominated in its class segment, much of the same vein is expected from the multiple Falcon 8X’s that are already in service there. This is further backed by on-going feedback from operators that  have been universally positive with regards to cabin comfort, flying stability and cabin sound level, all elements that are often cited now as one of the most advanced in business aviation.

If you must know, the Dassault Falcon 8X can fly non-stop from New York to Dubai, Dubai to Adelaide, or Chicago to Jeddah and yet land at restricted airports like Gstaad and Lugano, Switzerland. These two locations are known to be typically inaccessible to other large business jets. A few key performance parameters, such as take-off distance capabilities, even surpassed initial design objectives for this big new trijet, which was derived from the Falcon 7X. Where the 7X was already called quiet,the 8X is even quieter, an important consideration for the 14 hour-plus flights for which the 8X was designed. The Middle East has also traditionally been a key market  for Falcon aircraft; the Gulf fleet has nearly doubled in five years, to more than 70 aircraft, and continues to grow despite the softness of the current market.
“We expect the Gulf region to play a big role in the success of our new flagship, which offers the best combination of range, cabin comfort and operating efficiency of any business jet on the market,” said Dassault Aviation Chairman/CEO Eric Trappier. “We also anticipate heavy demand here for our upgraded Falcon 900LX model, with a re-designed cabin, contemporary styling, optimized sound proofing, and the latest cabin systems that make it the best buy in its category for years to come.”
The 6,450 nm/11,945 km Falcon 8X trijet provides customers with increased range and cabin volume compared to the Falcon 7X from which it was derived. The additional range allows it to comfortably fly ultra-long intercontinental routes like Las Vegas to Beijing, Sao Paulo to Moscow or Hong Kong to London, non-stop. Or alternatively, from Los Angeles to Shanghai or anywhere in Europe. The aircraft’s lightweight, cost-efficient design, allows operators to save money on fuel and operating costs, another strong asset. The maximum take-off weight of the 8X is 73,000 pounds, compared to about 100,000 pounds for other aircraft in its class.

The Falcon 8X, which was recently highlighted at the Dubai Air Show 2017, also benefits from additional operational capabilities added in recent months, including the revolutionary FalconEye Combined Vision System, the Falcon Sphere II integrated electronic flight bag suite and high-speed Ka-band connectivity. It also houses the much talked about ‘FalconEye Combined Vision System’, the first HUD in business aviation to combine synthetic and enhanced vision capabilities in a single view, which ensures increased situational awareness in all conditions of operation day and night, and will also yield substantial operational improvements, including a 100-ft decision height. Dassault reports that almost all Falcon 8X customers have elected to add the FalconEye option.

The Falcon Sphere II integrated electronic flight bag suite greatly reduces the time and effort necessary to prepare and manage business jet missions while moving operators closer to a truly paperless cockpit. It is delivered with a lightweight, ultra-thin portable display and a vast array of new app functionalities, including a Weight and Balance Module, Electronic Cruise Computation and Falcon Performance. The 8X’s Ka-band broadband connectivity capability, based on the new JetWave high-speed broadband antenna, enables passengers to browse the internet, stream videos or videoconference anywhere in the world, over land or over water, as if they were in their off ice or at home, using Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Ka-band satellite network.

Thanks to significant feedback from the 7X fleet and a month-long world demonstration tour last year, the 8X comes to market with fully mature systems and an exceptional level of reliability. Operational capability has been further reinforced with recent approvals to fly in severe crosswind conditions and to operate at London City Airport, making Dassault the only manufacturer to have its entire in-production model lineup certif ied for one of the world’s most challenging airports. 

If you haven’t heard of the French aviation experts, it’s worth noting that Dassault Falcon is a recognised global brand for Dassault business jets which are designed, manufactured and supported by Dassault Aviation and Dassault Falcon Jet Corp. Dassault Aviation in itself is a leading aerospace company with a presence in over 90 countries across five continents. The marque is also known for producing the Rafale fighter jet as well as the complete line of Falcons. Since the rollout of the first Falcon 20 in 1963, over 2,500 Falcon jets have been delivered and currently, Dassault offers a range of six business jets from the twin-engine 3,350 nm large-cabin Falcon 2000S to its new flagship, this new tri-engine 6,450 nm ultra-long-range Falcon 8X. You’ll be sure to spot this one taking off from our shores pretty soon for sure.

Images & Video: Dassault Falcon 

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