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The Global 5500 Aircraft, Touted As Having The Longest Range, The Largest Cabin And The Smoothest Ride In Its Class Officially Enters Into Service.

The first of the new and innovative, long-range Global 5500 business jet was recently delivered to an undisclosed customer, marking its official entry-into-service. The Global 5500 business jet represents the “gateway” into Bombardier’s flagship large-cabin Global family which offers world-renowned performance, comfort and smoothest ride.

The Global 5500 has broke through a few initial targeted estimates. Last year, Bombardier announced that the Global 5500 aircraft can fly 200 nautical miles more than planned, and its new range of 5,900 nautical miles is 700 nautical miles more than the nearest competitor at the same speed.

“This spacious and efficient aircraft is the ultimate business tool, with the range and access to safely take our customers where they need to be,” said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Aviation. “The first Global 5500 aircraft delivery is of particular significance for our employees in Wichita, who recently took on the meticulous work of interior completions for the Global 5000 and Global 5500 aircraft.”

With a rich history as the manufacturing centre for the iconic Learjet, Bombardier’s Wichita site has over the years expanded the site operations to include a world-class service centre as well as a Flight Test Centre and Specialised Aircraft operations. This Wichita site is also where the completion work for the Global 5000 and Global 5500 aircraft cabins are performed – being its latest diversification in efficiently utilising Bombardier’s skilled workforce.

Over the COVID-19 pandemic, all of Bombardier’s employees have demonstrated flexibility and dedication, with the company as a whole taking extraordinary measures in protecting both its employees and customers against the virus via stringent protocols for continued safety and operational excellence.

The successful entry-into-service of the Global 5500 business jet at this time demonstrates Bombardier’s resilience and the efforts of its talented employees.

Visuals: Bombardier

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